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puppy woes

April 14, 2009

Kodiak isn’t feeling well lately. His poop has been runny and he’s barfed in the house a few times. This means that allergy season is officially here.

When I adopted Kodiak, we didn’t know he had any health issues. It was November and he seemed to be fine. But as it turned into summer, it became more obvious that something wasn’t right. His fur was getting patchy and dull. He was puking like crazy. He spent 9/10 of his time scratching himself and he looked like a hobo dog. I took him to the vet twice to check for mange. Changed his diet. Bought all allergen-free cleaning supplies. And still, the poor dog was miserable. So finally, I found a dog allergist and paid 80 bazillion dollars for a full work-up. They sedated him and gave him a skin test (he was really grumpy afterwards). We found out a list of things he’s allergic to:

house dust and dust mites
black ants
cephaloth. r. (a mold related to penicillin)
mucor (a mold found in soil – we had to get rid of our houseplants)
beech trees
bayberry trees
johnson grass
kentucky bluegrass
lamb’s quarter
marsh elder


When we first found out, he got put on an intense treatment of steroid pills for a month. It was a complicated schedule. And since then, I’ve been giving him allergy injections every 3 weeks (and will continue to for the rest of his life). He’s been on his regimen for about 6 months now and the doctor told me that his body wouldn’t be able to fight off his allergens totally this summer cause the shots take 9 months . So the poor pooch has been feeling under the weather lately. He hasn’t eaten his breakfast yet (it’s after 2pm) and he has just been laying down and occasionally making moaning noises:

You know it’s bad when he isn’t doing what he is usually doing on Tuesday afternoons- online gambling:

I wish I could make him feel better. All I can do is lay next to him and rub his belly.

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