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october weekend

October 26, 2009

I had a really domestically productive weekend. you know what that means… pictures!

Behind our building,there is a huge community garden/urban farm. It is surrounded by forest, which is really pretty in the fall. So we took a long walk through it. Kodiak peed on a lot of stuff.

including this tree:

The colors were real purty.

I like our backyard.

There was a lot of stuff happening in my kitchen, too. I made vegetarian stroganoff which was delicious. Also made banana bread:

veggie lasagna rolls:

5 batches of oatmeal cookies (3 with chocolate chip and 2 with craisins and white chocolate chips):

and some amazing potato-leek soup, because we bought leeks from the farmer’s market on a whim and had to find some way to use them. I found the yummy recipe here. The only change I made was adding a bit of parsley.

I’d never worked with leeks before and they made me cry when I was preparing them, but they smelled soo good when they were cooking.

The soup was a big of a challenge when I realized we didn’t have a potato masher, but I improvised- I wrapped a metal hanger around the handles of an apple corer and used that as a handle while I pushed the corer down into the soup with a wooden spoon. Too bad I don’t have a picture of that because it was ridiculous. But it worked.

Also spent a fair bit of time in my sewing room. Working on a quilt for Aaron’s sister-in-law’s baby shower, some Halloween costume stuff (can you guess what I’m going as?) and some other craft-y stuff. Here’s how the room looked at the end of it all:

I also made a sleeve for my iphone (that’s right, I got an iphone for my birthday) in the form of a tasty breakfast pastry.

And I started a scarf using this yarn.

Kodiak had a good weekend too. Besides his long walk, he played with his chew bone a lot. And looked cute doing it.

His allergies are subsiding but he still has itches on his back, so he rolls around a lot.

But he still likes to show off “the goods” with his come hither look (his goods need grooming).

Kodiak and I get along so well because he is as weird as I am.

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